The Emerson at Rocky Point


Northwood Ravin



Project Size

180 units, 7,800 sf amenities

Project Completion


Construction Type

Type I-A over Type-V


A Modern Art Deco Masterpiece.

Tampa, FL

Drawing inspiration from the timeless art deco style, The Emerson at Rocky Point is a contemporary residential high-rise that celebrates the vibrant essence of Tampa Bay. The goal was to reimagine the vernacular influences into a modern adaptation that captures the area’s spirit.

Panoramic bay views.

To maximize the captivating bay views, every unit in The Emerson features floor-to-ceiling glass, inviting abundant natural light and offering breathtaking panoramic vistas. The angled bays strategically placed within the courtyard provide residents with stunning water views, creating a seamless connection to the surrounding environment.

FEMA compliance & sustainable water management.

Strict adherence to FEMA guidelines resulted in an elevated design that ensures the safety and resilience of the building. The design required raising the entire building to a higher finished floor elevation. This adjustment allowed for the integrating of a stormwater basin within the parking deck, promoting sustainable water management practices. Additionally, the bayfront patio, exclusive to the townhome units, serves as a picturesque retreat, blending outdoor living with the serene beauty of the bay.

Purposeful design.

The column grid was studied and designed to integrate with the parking levels and upper residential units. Stepped egress cores were introduced, optimizing circulation and ensuring unimpeded access to parking drive aisles. These features create a harmonious flow within the building, connecting its diverse functions effortlessly.

Art deco motifs.

The vertical fins, prominently displayed in a distinctive seafoam green color, pay homage to the waterfront and art deco motifs. These fins add a striking visual focal point and establish The Emerson as a landmark, capturing attention from adjacent highways and serving as a symbol of architectural excellence.

Bay front amenities.

The Emerson at Rocky Point goes beyond a mere residence; it directly connects the bay and its surroundings. Residents can access the walking path encircling the bay, enjoy strolls, and immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Tampa Bay. Moreover, the private marina provides an exclusive amenity, allowing residents to embark on water adventures right from their doorstep.