Landscape Architecture
An impression that lives and breathes.

The experience of a place extends well beyond the lines of any structure. From trees that signal refuge and arrival, to courtyards that create community, to greenery and views that greet people through open doors and windows, landscape architecture has an incredible impact on how places are perceived and experienced.

Scale & Function: Balancing Peace OutdoorsGreenhouse Courtyard
The Ramsey courtyard with ladies stalking and another walking through the sculpture

We create outdoor spaces that reflect what users want: an immediate connection to nature and sense of place, along with areas to gather, live active lifestyles, and relax.

With thoughtful design, landscape architecture not only creates an instant street-level impression, but an experience that gets richer as plants mature and residents make amenities part of their daily lives. Pools, pickleball courts, greenways, indoor-outdoor gyms, plazas, and plantings collectively set the stage for a community of elevated living.

Landscape architecture is what makes where you live feel alive. It’s the wrapper that surrounds everything. It invites you in and invites you out.

Elliot Buff, PLA, LEED AP

Landscape Architect, Team Leader

Services — Our landscape architecture projects range from multifamily and mixed-use developments to public parks. We offer all the services needed to create exceptional outdoor spaces and work as an integrated team to develop cohesive user experiences.

Site Design

Blending creativity with constructability to establish detailed outdoor environments that complement the vision of the project.


As an entryway to the experience that awaits, streetscapes both set an expectation and act as an extension of the development’s design concept.


Paved trails that provide a place to walk dogs, ride bikes, and create connection between parks, waterways, and common areas.

Park Design

Spaces that bring us back to our roots to connect with nature, allow us the opportunity to breathe deeper and connect with others, and experience the joy of play.

Planting Plans

Creating the soft edging that makes places feel welcoming, refreshing, and alive. Bringing plants into a project that cool their environment with shade and brighten our day with colors.

Resilience & Sustainability

Planning for stormwater and natural elements; sourcing native plants and local products; using downlighting to protect the visibility of the night sky.

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