Salt & Vinegar


White Point Partners



Project Size

74,000 sf

Completion Date


Potato Chip Factory Craves New Use.

Charlotte, NC

Inaugurated in 1955 as the headquarters of Mitchum Quality Snacks, the site encompasses two one-story buildings reimagined to cater to diverse needs. Making use of the site plan, visitors experience a 22,300 square foot brewery and restaurant, 5,200 square feet of inviting retail space, and an expansive 46,100 square feet of office space. These once underutilized buildings have become a vibrant addition to the thriving West End of Charlotte, providing an array of dynamic offerings for the community to enjoy.

People dining at Legion Brewing at Salt & Vinegar

Savor the local flavor.

Salt & Vinegar is home to Legion Brewing, a staple in the Charlotte area. The design team reused elements of the factory while adding modern details as a nod to its past, creating a destination for this community retail partner.

A chip off the ol’ block.

The design team preserved the facade that greets West Morehead, using it as a buffer from nearby traffic and creating an intimate experience between the buildings and the plaza.

Legion Brewing facade facing West Morehead
Salt & Vinegar breezeway aerial view
Breezeway looking toward Legion Brewing
Salt & Vinegar courtyard
Legion Brewing patio with people eating, socializing