Peace Raleigh lobby

Peace Raleigh: Interior Design


Kane Realty


Architecture, Interiors, Landscape Architecture

Project Size

417 units

55,000 sf retail

257,000 sf parking

Completion Date


Construction Type

Type I-A Concrete


Organic Modernism.

Raleigh, NC

The interior design of Peace Raleigh Apartments aims to create a sense of tranquility and serenity upon entering the building, while seamlessly integrating the rich history of the project’s former site and simultaneously celebrating the artistic talent found within the community.

2021 DesignWorks Multifamily Honorable Mention

IIDA Carolinas Chapter

2021 Mixed-Use Merit Winner

Multifamily Executive Award

2020 Imprint Award

Downtown Raleigh Alliance

Interior harmony.

Embracing Raleigh’s appointed name as the “City of Oaks,” natural wood elements were thoughtfully incorporated throughout the spaces, adding warmth and texture. These organic touches create a sense of grounding and harmony, providing residents with a soothing and inviting atmosphere.

Peace lounge
Peace Interiors_bookcase
Peace Elevator lobby
Peace Lobby

Natural nature.

Additionally, greenery plays a vital role in the interior, bringing nature’s calming influence to the forefront. Lush plantings, strategically placed throughout the communal areas, infuse the spaces with vitality and freshness. The juxtaposition of natural materials and the vibrant greenery creates a harmonious environment, fostering a sense of well-being and connection – hence “peace.”

History captured.

Drawing inspiration from Raleigh’s past, the integration of design elements honor the legacy of Devereux Meadow, the former minor league baseball stadium that once graced the adjacent site. The game room walls proudly display memorabilia, including a team jersey and historic photographs of the team and stadium, evoking a sense of nostalgia and connection to the city’s porting heritage. Local artists and businesses were intentionally chosen to showcase their craft spanning the two-story amenities.

Peace game room
Peace game room pool table