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"... Your team has gone overboard to accommodate us this week and I greatly appreciate this. ..."
"... I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank you and your team for the outstanding service that you provided this week. Your team went above and beyond our expectations at the eleventh hour. Your team over delivered on service and product. ..."
"... I have found the team at Cline Design to be extremely knowledgeable and creative. They are solutions-oriented and committed to working with us to achieve our visions and goals for these very important projects. ..."
"... I do think that they have risen their bar a little bit higher than everybody else as far as bringing a truly unique design to projects. ..."
"... They are not primadonnas - They just want to get a good design out and a good job built. ..."
"... Again, I think it is really just the level of professionalism and their commitment to meeting deadlines and their commitment to the project, the vision of the project and staying true to that. ..."
"... Their ability to manage all the teams both internal and external has been impressive. ..."
"... What we find with Cline is the drawings are very very detailed. Things are documented well. ..."
"... They do a good job of stepping in the owners shoes, which is a big deal to us. ..."
"... We give a lot of credit to Cline for helping us overcome a number of seemingly insurmountable obstacles in the process. ..."
"... I would say about 75% of the municipalities that I deal with have heard of Cline, they have a very positive perception. ..."
"... Unique, talented, and fun! ..."
"... Cline definitely takes our point of view into consideration...a team that can just get in there and get in the weeds with us. ..."
“... They are my go to architects. They understand quality. ...”
“... We have found Cline Design Associates to be innovative, resourceful, responsive and truly a fun and talented group of professionals. ...”