North Ridge Country Club Men's Lounge

North Ridge Country Club


North Ridge Country Club


Architecture, Interiors, Landscape Architecture

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22,000 sf

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A New Era of Elegance

Raleigh, NC

In the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina, North Ridge Country Club stands as a testament to timeless elegance and social gathering. But time, while adding character, had also cast a shadow of the outdated on its once-pristine walls. Cline was commissioned to breathe new life into this beloved clubhouse.

Delivering a Vision

The challenge was as clear as it was daunting: transform the clubhouse into a beacon of contemporary luxury. The objective was to create a space not just updated in style, but also more inviting and functional for its members and guests. Cline’s vision was to meld the classic with the contemporary, to create a space that exudes timeless elegance while boasting modern amenities. Their approach was meticulous and holistic, touching every aspect of the interior and exterior to ensure a seamless blend of old-world charm and new-world sophistication.

Bunker Lounge with People
Men's bar

Locker Room Transformation

The men’s and women’s locker rooms and lounges were transformed into sanctuaries of comfort and style. Each space was tailored to provide a unique experience, balancing the need for privacy with the desire for social interaction.

NRCC lobby activated
NRCC corridor

Inviting Spaces Create a Spark

The lobby and vestibule, now adorned with tasteful art pieces, welcomes guests into a world of refined elegance. The spaces set the tone for the visitor’s experience, providing subtle spaces for spontaneous social interactions.

Social Gatherings Up Their Game

Here, tradition meets modern leisure. These lounges were redefined as spaces where stories and drinks are shared, with decor that pays homage to the club’s rich history while embracing contemporary comfort. The bunker lounge, once a mere waiting area, now invites relaxation with its plush seating and warm, inviting ambiance.

NRCC Bunker Bar
NRCC Outdoor bar

The renovation of North Ridge Country Club is more than just a refurbishment; it’s a renaissance. Cline revitalized a community cornerstone, ensuring it remains a cherished gathering place for generations to come. The North Ridge Country Club now stands, not just as a symbol of luxury and elegance, but as a beacon of the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.