Summer Interns Making A Splash at Cline Design
June 13, 2022

Summer Interns Making A Splash at Cline Design

Join us in welcoming our 2022 summer interns! We’re so excited to welcome these eight new faces this month, including one who is returning for their second consecutive year. Interns are such a valuable asset to our firm, and we can’t wait to see all they’ll accomplish.

We sat down to ask them their thoughts and expectations for the summer. Here’s what they had to say!

What are you looking forward to most about interning at Cline Design?

I’m very excited to learn new skills to add to the creative side we focused on in school. We’ve done so many hypothetical projects that it will be awesome to do something on some sort of professional level and get a better understanding of the process. That means a lot more practice with Revit! I’m also very grateful to be getting to know everyone in the office and hoping to foster a relationship to continue my time here past the summer and then ultimately for after I graduate with my B.Arch. Brooklyn

I am looking forward to gaining experience in the field and seeing a project all the way from start to finish. Peyton

I’ve been excited to learn from professionals that are active in the field. Learning about building science in the classroom is a totally different experience than learning from people here at Cline Design. So far everyone that has helped me here has been excited to have the opportunity to teach, and that’s not always something that happens in the classroom. It makes me excited to learn. – Madelyn

I look forward to learning new materials and software and having hands-on experience in the design world!Justice

I’m looking forward to learning as much as possible, and understanding buildings better every day. – J.D.

What made you want to intern at Cline Design?

I am looking forward to gaining experience in the field and seeing a project all the way from start to finish. The main reason that I wanted to work with Cline Design was the welcoming environment and available opportunities.Peyton

Cline Design developed the schematic design for Birkdale Village, which is where I spent a large part of my childhood. When I was investigating firms and municipalities in the area and learned this, I knew Cline Design was the place for me. I became tenacious in my pursuit, and I thought that if I could just get my foot in the door, I could work hard enough to stay on for as long as Cline Design will have me. I’m grateful for the opportunity and take pride in where I work. Madelyn

I’m currently getting my Masters in Urban Design at Charlotte. I really loved how Cline has projects that dive into master planning. Getting real-world experience was paramount for me when looking for an internship, but having the ability to work on projects that blend with my degree was the main reason I wanted to work here.Matthew

It’s not what, it’s who. I came back for another summer to work with the best people, especially the upper deck crew. – J.D.