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This upscale five-star restaurant, which features a continental menu with an eclectic Asian influence, is sited adjacent to the existing Arboretum at Weston mixed-use development. The exterior design utilizes a rich palette of materials similar to the existing traditionally-detailed buildings, but also differentiates itself with more contemporary elements. Large wood windows and a central clerestory “atrium” provide the interior with an abundance of direct and indirect natural light, and landscaped terraces extend the dining experience to the outdoors, Inside, warm finishes and simple, clean details create a decor that complements both the cuisine and the architectural style, and intimate spaces combine with “high energy” zones such as a sushi bar to create a dynamic atmosphere.

Location: Cary, NC

Project Type: Restaurant

Architecture, Planning, Landscape Architecture

Project Size:
10,000 sf.

Client: Preston Development

Completion Date: 2006