Gary Cline Reflects on the Firm’s 30th Anniversary
October 2, 2019

Gary Cline Reflects on the Firm’s 30th Anniversary

August 1989 marked the beginning of Cline Design Associates, an adventure (and some may say risk) I took that has been so incredibly successful, beyond what I imagined in 1989. Reflecting back on the firm’s successes and setbacks, nostalgia sets in as these past thirty years have been some of the best and challenging yet. Starting out as a small firm of only twelve people and transforming into what it is today – over 90 employees with an additional office in Charlotte, North Carolina – I cannot help but express gratitude for the innovative and incredible talent we have, who continue to shape our firm, improve our culture, and nurture our core values.

This August we celebrated our 30th anniversary at Tobacco Road Sports Café in downtown Raleigh – directly across the street from our office in Powerhouse Square – and at Brewers at 4001 Yancey in the Lower South End neighborhood of Charlotte. Both parties were held at locations we are very proud of, as they are both locations of our personal projects that reflect our work from 1999 to more recently in 2018. We transformed Powerhouse Square into an adaptive re-use project completed in 1999 that is now home to Tobacco Road Sports Café. And the same for Bowers Fibers – a former textile mill we adopted as an adaptive reuse project transforming it into a mixed-used development with Brewers at 4001 Yancey as a tenant.

With a combined attendance of approximately 500 people between both parties – all of which included employees, clients, consultants, family and friends – we announced the location of our new Charlotte office and unveiled our, “Meet Cline Design” video produced by TriMark Digital. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who came out and helped us celebrate. Without you, Cline Design would not be where it is today. To all who have made the past 30 years unforgettable, I truly thank you.


Gary Cline, President and Managing Principal

To check out our firm’s transformation over the last 30 years and to take a look at who we are today, head over to our newly launched YouTube channel and watch our “Meet Cline Design” video.