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Crisp Agency

With the mission statement “We are a mutiny against mediocrity”, CRISP Agency was seeking a space that challenged the norm. Transparency and open work flow design allows for a more collaborative work environment. The Cline Design Interiors team had the task of creating a space unlike most corporate offices they typically design. Unique areas like stadium seating for meetings, glass offices, movable work spaces to allow for impromptu meetings, encouraging collaboration and creativity. Playful areas like a living room, bar and secret lounge hidden by a bookshelf embraces their brand. Exposed concrete floors and ceilings, high contrast and muted colors provided a backdrop for creativity. Historic design elements from iconic times were utilized including classic materials such as leather and felt with pops of gold and brass. Iconic wall coverings including Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol truly embrace Crisp and their mission as a “mutiny against mediocrity.

Location: Raleigh, NC

Project Type: Office

Interior Design

Client: Crisp Agency

Completion Date: 2017