January: National Mentoring Month
January 30, 2019

January: National Mentoring Month

January is National Mentoring Month and with the month coming to a close, we asked around to see what our colleagues had to say about their mentoring experience throughout the years.

“From the moment I started working with CDA I quickly realized that John Felton and Lindsey Kretchman were going to be my unofficial mentors. While they both play very different roles in the company, they do share lots of attributes and skills that make them great mentors. They both lead by example, always going above and beyond, always doing everything with an extremely positive attitude, without imposing ideas and leaving room for me to contribute. They taught me lots of technical things but also how to balance the day-to-day activities while looking and thinking about what’s next in 2 months from now and 3 years from now, etc.” – Martin Chavanne, Associate, Designer

“Jackie McCrory is my mentor. She has taught me how to be confident as a female in the workforce, to stand strong in the face of adversity and the subtle art of channeling that adversity into a positive solution. She has also taught me that hard work and dedication truly does pay off.” – Whitney Sheppard, Project Manager, Interior Designer

“My mentor is a woman I met through mutual friends and colleagues, who is also the Director of Marketing for a reputable company. She is super knowledgeable about social media, marketing, and how to engage clients in different and original ways. If I ever doubt my creative ideas or want to run an idea past her, she’s always willing to talk to me. Since I have a degree in Communications, with an emphasis in Public Relations, I always like to see what her view is on things with her background in Marketing, and if it varies at all.” – Natalie Alexander, Front Desk Coordinator